My 4th Century ! 400 Blog Posts !

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400 postsI can’t help but feel super excited as I write this .. This post is my 400th blog post ! That’s right – I said Four Hundred !

Just a few days ago I noticed that whilst I had hit 300 posts earlier this year; I was already close to 400 posts ! And it hasn’t even been a full 6 months !

It feels great looking back at all the sporadic reflections I’ve had over the last 2.5 years.  It seems like forever since my I hit my first century i.e 100 posts way back in July 2009. 

It’s been an exciting few months on my blog; not only  have I been writing more ..

  1. I lost my guest post cherry a few months ago when I was invited to write guest posts for and !
  2. and The Diva’s Guests are now sharing their sporadic thoughts directly on my blog- so do check out what my neighbours in Bloggerville have to say
  3. but the most exciting and yet nerve wrecking part is that this lil’ Diva ‘may’ soon be blogging for 2 well-known online magazines ! do keep your fingers crossed for me ! 

I’m hoping to spice things up here, and since a few known tweeps on Twitterverse have classified me as a relationship blogger (looks like my blogger voice is growing) – I’m going to be putting together some of my dating (or lack of) escapades

A huge shout out going out to all of you out there in Blogosphere for taking the time to read up on my very dazed & sporadic reflections; for sharing a piece of you via your comments – it really means a lot to me ! 

I’ve gotten to know some of my favourite bloggers a lot better; and even have an offline rapport with some of them.  So, for those of you who are still lurking – it’s about time you de-lurk and reveal yourselves.

Here’s a toast to my 400th post – and hoping that you will stick around for another 100 reflections (or more).