10 Day YOU Challenge. 4 Books

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booksI don’t even know how to start shortlisting books that I enjoy reading ! I’ve read so many over the years.  The problem is that my entire book collection is now gathering dust in storage as I have no space for them in the house – so I can’t even go through the lot of them to pick out my faves !

So here goes my list (which is whatever comes to mind first – including authors I like) and I’m hopefully going to avoid the ones I already have listed in a previous post ‘Books & Beyond’

1/ Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.  I love the authors’ writing style and the main character.  I’ve read about 15 or so books by this author and its great to follow the main character through his adventures.

2/ Any book by John Grisham.  I grew up reading his books and really enjoy his writing style.  The criminal cases, the court systems, learning bits & bobs about the law.  My favourites include A Time To Kill, The Client and The Chamber.

3/ Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.  I love love love the series.  I want to go to Hogwarts.  I want a magic wand, a time turner; but most of all I want the invisible cloak (it would be so much fun!).  Oooh how I wish the magical world of Hogwarts really existed !

4/ Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice.  Damn it took me a few minutes to recollect that, not to mention some help from NB and Google !

It’s actually criminal (not to mention super hard!) to just have to list just 4 books !! Now I feel crappy because I don’t have all my books nor do I remember all the authors I have enjoyed in the past.

Oh well – guess this is the motivation I need to build up the book collection again !

What are your favourite books ? Or authors ? Are you reading anything at the moment ? What was the last book you read ? Don’t forget to share your answers in the comments and if you are taking part in the Blog Challenge then make sure you share your link.

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