MM #43 : Deep Dish – We Gonna Feel It

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I. Love. This. Tune. 

Just close your eyes and let the music take over.   That’s right – you can feel it – you can feel that beat crawl under your skin and get into your blood can’t ya ? Stop thinking – just let go and let the rhythm find you. 

Its the kind of beat that sorta finds its way into every nerve ending … it’s as if I can actually inhale the music into you … the tune makes my body wanna move … sway along to it … all I see right now is the winding mountain roads of Jordan with my girl Sabs and a 1500 meter drop on one side, a glorious sunset and the feeling of being completely at peace; with all around me and with myself ..

There’s something about this piece of music that gives me goose bumps all over my arms and legs … I can ‘feel’ each beat flowing through my veins … I can ‘see’ every good memory cross my mind .. at about 3 mins into the track, I find myself somewhere else … it doesn’t matter if a good memory didn’t last me … it may pinch for a minute or two or more .. but it will pass .. cos that’s what life is all about .. we have to feel it all for us to really just ‘be’ … so are you ready to feel it all ?

I’m not a super smiley person by nature but this tune brings out the biggest smile on my face … its just so happy, maybe cos it also makes me think of the mad times I have with my girls Dee & Nat ! I reckon other than a few sneak peaks (for spelling errors)– I’ve written this entire blog post with my eyes closed – lost in my own musical ecstasy ! and my fingers are tapping the keyboard as if I was a pro DJ on a mission to mix ! (Sabs can vouch for my wanna-be DJ moves).

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