Sundays Are Fun Days

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Day 14

Damn right it does.

Today was a beautiful crisp Sunday in London.  The skies were clear, the sun was out, a slight nip in the air, and I got to spend the day with family and friends.

A home cooked meal with my cousin PC, her two adorable daughters – my absolutely mischievous nieces, and another cousin AG who happened to have a day off between flights (she’s part of cabin crew).

AG and I had a bit of a wander around St Johns Wood and Oxford Street and realized it had been almost 6 or 7 years since the two of us had hung out together the way we did in London.  Since then she’s gotten married, had kids, and despite us both being in Bombay most of the year, we really do have to ‘plan to meet up’ (and majority of the times it’s over a drinking session with all thePA140126 cousins).

AG then wanted to head over to London Bridge and of course I couldn’t quite resist the opportunity to have her pose for my camera – so that’s where we ended up.  There’s something about walking on the bridges of London that I find quite soothing. I love being next to the water.

After dropping AG off, I headed over to see my dear friend EG & her hubby for dinner and drinks at their apartment.  Her husband is one of the nicest guys I have met – and such a true Irish gent .. he let us girls catch up over drinks and continued pouring champagne (and at one point one of the best carrot soup I have tasted) for us before finally calling us over to the table for dinner. (She’s a lucky girl !!)


Eventually my night came to an end – and it truly was a Sunday well spent (and here’s hoping that I have a week of content !)