So What Do I Blog About ?

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Now that I’ve gone ahead and signed up to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challengeit struck me that I haven’t really thought about what I want to blog about.

I have obviously given it some thought but not enough that I have a blog schedule in place for the duration of the challenge.  I need to get on this like yesterday !

Last year I wrote ad-hoc posts; whatever came to mind really and that was kind of hard to do.  This year I was thinking of using a series of ‘quotes’ whether it be inspirational, motivational, or even love / relationship based and see what it stirs me to write up.

Are you following any sort of theme or system for the Blog Challenge ? Have you planned your posts in advance or are you going to take each day as it comes and just blog about whatever catches your fancy ?

Please feel free to share your blog links in the linky below so that I can stop by and visit you; and would love to hear about what you are going to do during the course of the challenge.

Happy Blogging Folks !