Nothing Is A Waste Of Time

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As soon as I saw this – I could relate to it. 

I love to learn; so if something (no matter of it’s actual relevance to what I have to do) is going to add to my knowledge base – I see nothing wrong with it.

Life throws so many experiences our way – some good, some bad – and each incident teaches us something; be it about the situation, the circumstance and even about ourselves.

The people we encounter add some sort of depth to our story book life don’t you think ? If it weren’t were for all those that we meet, how else would we learn and gain knowledge from their own know-how?

The few days I allow myself the indulgence of doing absolutely nothing (i.e. not working) – I tend to browse the Nat Geo / Animal Planet and end up learning something about the animal kingdom.  These days, I’ve been watching a documentary on British History (and Britain has a history I could get lost in). 

Our mind and subconscious works in a funny way … the best ideas you probably come up with are when you least expect it ..  on that long drive to nowhere; whilst laying on the beach; or floating in the pool and soaking in the sun … and that’s when something just clicks and you realize that all all those experiences come together and have taught you something (something you didn’t even know you were capable of thinking of)

What do you think ?