The 3 C's Of Life

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I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster the past few months.  Everything I have experienced has made me think .. think of my past, my present, my very clouded future, my vision for the future that I want, and it then my thoughts just drop me straight back into the present which makes my heart clench, stings my eyes and almost crinkles my nose whilst I blink to fight back tears.

Before you start worrying about me – they are not unhappy tears – or sad tears, or emotionally distraught tears – more like tears of frustration or that inability to be able to come to a decision that would lead me on the path that I want to be on.


I’m almost overwhelmed with the choices that I have – and I want to take the chance because I know deep down inside – it will change my life.  Now it’s a matter of prioritizing the choices and the chances, and hoping that the change I want, comes about .. sooner than later.

What steps have you taken to make a conscious choice that would result in a change in your life ?