A Day With Friends

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Day 13

I can absolutely relate to this quote.  It doesn’t matter whether I’ve had a good day or a bad day – but any day spent with friends is not only a day well spent – it makes all my troubles go away.

This summer has been nothing short of perfect for me when it comes to being around my friends.  I got to spend a week with a girlfriend from university in Bermuda despite not having seen her for a good part of 6 years; and a whole month with two of my closest university friends MP & SL in Montreal and it gave a whole new meaning to being around those that matter.  Despite his busy schedule, SL always made time for me – even if it meant linking up with me for 30 minutes or stopping to join MP & me for breakfast on his way to work / in between meetings.  MP would call me or message me from work every day to check on my plans and just generally say hi. 

In London – it’s been all about the quality time with my girlfriends DA, EG, Nomster, IA, Vixen and AD.  Since DA is just around the corner from my house in London – we’ve seen each other quite often and we managed to go for a long weekend trip to Marbella just the two of us.  EG got married in August and I’m so glad that I was able to make it for her wedding.  We’ve had a few lovely one-on-one dinners with drinks.

Nomster & Vixen are nuts – so it’s always a major drinking session with them .. and bank holiday weekend was absolutely insane  !  Meeting IA is quite a pleasure – we had a few nights out including spending time searching for bars that had Happy Hour deals ! Hanging with AD is always fun – she’s someone I met in India but originally from the UK and we’ve spent many afternoons and evenings with bottles of bubbly !

There are people who come and go in our lives – but true friends will always be there; they overlook your flaws and despite the distances & differences – they will always be there whenever you need them.  Time may pass you by – but time with them will always pick up right where you left off.