5 Simple Rules for Happiness

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Day 16

Happiness is subjective right ? What makes X happy may not make Y happy and vice versa.  But I feel that somewhere, somehow, we have all gotten so caught up in the mayhem that is our lives – we have forgotten how to be happy (on the inside, not on surface level)

I’m often quite pessimistic and it takes my super cheerful friends such as TBM to keep me in check and to remind me of the little things that cause me pleasure (dessert !!)

Life is too short to stress ourselves and to be unhappy – so I guess we should get a grip, do the things we want to do, and say what we are thinking instead of thinking of what to say; and make time for the people that matter to us.

We should leave no room for regret in our lives – because it’s the only life we’re going to get a chance to live (unless of course you believe in reincarnation – then there’s hope for you to come back and do more in life) … and of course we must learn to manage our expectations of those around us !

Are you following the 5 Rules for Happiness ? Anything else you would like to add to it ? Or do you reckon there is something we can change from the list of 5 ?