Music Monday #34 Ugly Kid Joe – Cats in The Cradle

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I don’t know why but I have always liked this song.  The music is fabulous.  I like the combo of guitar, drums and bass alongside poetic lyrics – it’s an interesting fusion of rock, metal and a bit of an alternative hint to it.

I’ve just ‘read’ the lyrics of the song and it makes a bit more sense ‘why’ I like the track.  It hits home when you really listen to it.  Don’t we all aspire in some way to be like our parents ? 

And this is a song about how a father was to busy doing other things rather than spending time with his kid whilst the kid was growing up.  As the son got older, and went on to have his life – the father wanted to spend time with him but the son was to busy.  So in essence his son really did quite become like him – not having time for those they care about.

What do think about the song ? Do you remember it ? Did you ever really think about the lyrics ? I know I didn’t until I wrote this post !

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Anonymous said...

Holy Moly I haven't heard this one in ages!

Con Artist Trickster said...

It rock! It rocks! It rocks! ...Though it's a ballad. :)

This is my favorite number from Ugly Kid Joe. Great music composition and amazing lyrics too.
Happy MM!

Dazediva said...

@ Julie .. I know !! it's been forever since I heard it to so had to share it :)

Have taken to closing my eyes and just scrolling in my music folder and randomly select a track to use for MM

Dazediva said...

@ C.A.T .. hehehe this is also one of my faves from Ugly Kid Joe (although honestly I can't remember much of their other music).

Happy MM to you :)

Bill said...

Great song Diva. I remember this one from back in the day. Have a great week my dear and happy Music Monday to you. : )

Dazediva said...

@ Bill .. as always its a pleasure to have you drop by ! hope you have a better week than whatever bothered you over the weekend.

Happy MM to you too my friend :)

acs said...

Nice song. Thanks for dropping by.

Mystery Man said...

this isn't the version i know, but its still great! thanks for posting!

Dazediva said...

@ Jen .. thanks for coming by too :)

@ Mystery Man .. didn't even know there was another version .. is it by UKJ or by someone else ? thanks for stopping by :)

bluedreamer27 said...

oh hey i love this song
I am a fan of UKJ and this one is my personal favorite among all their hits
I also love their Everything About you
thanks for sharing
happy MM

Namz said...

Well it is a good cover :) This song has also been covered by numerous artist.

I'll go with Cat Stevens on this one.

Happy MM!

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