If It Matters, Make Time

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This is so true.

I’m the kind of person who will always make time for the people who matter to me – be it my friends, family, work colleagues, even acquaintances.

This summer, I learned a lot about some of the people I thought I knew.  People change - the status quo of ones’ past relationship with one another also change.  The relationship  or rapport you share with someone may seem stable or solid or even continuous when you are miles apart – but the true test comes about when you come in contact again.

As with any relationship – it takes time and effort from all those involved for the relationship to cultivate and continue to grow.  If  it’s just one-sided -  then is it really as real as you think it to be ?

Now I know who are the ones that really matter and the ones that don’t.  This way I save my time and energy for those that are important to me.

Have you felt that way ? Have you ever experienced a distance between yourself and someone you considered a friend ?