The Cheerleader Effect

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I heard this phrase for the first time the other night whilst watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ … and it made such an impact that I actually replayed the scene to jot down the definition onto my phone.

Basically the cheerleader effect occurs when you see a group of girls (or guys) and they look ‘hot’ … BUT when you see each person ‘individually’ they are NOT ! So really they only appear hot as a collective group and NOT as individuals.  The phrase ideally is used for women however can apply to groups of men too.

I found it quite funny the way it was described in the show and turns out that the Urban Dictionary does have a definition for the phrase as well ! The Cheerleader Effect is also known as the  Sorority Girls Syndrome or the Bridesmaid Parado; for a brief window in the mid 90s the Spice Girls Conspiracy...SCARY Spice, indeed :P Oh and according to TheHappyGoat the PussyCat Dolls are another group of hotties who actually cause us to fall victim of the Cheerleader Effect

cheerleader effect pcd

Jillian Wertheim recently wrote about the The Cheerleader Effect and has gone on to suggest that it is closely related to the Distance Dispute a.k.a where an individual looks appealing from afar but becomes less so as you approach.  I’ve known of this particular theory but never quite knew its name. 

So for you to really catch my drift – check out the video from the TV Show

Have any of you experienced the Cheerleader Effect ?  I’ve always wondered why is it that some of friends (guys and girls alike) – have pointed out groups of men who are sitting at private booths at clubs looking like total stud muffins (I love this word) and groups of women at the bar / dance floor who ooze sex appeal – and whenever I’ve managed to have a look at them – have never felt the same way.  My mates put it down to me being very critical.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m ALL for appreciating a good looking man or woman but lately it just seems that there are none around these days. 

I suppose that just means I’m not privy to the cheerleader effect and the power on my lenses are correct – I’m not mistaking fake hotties for real hotties =P  So if you have ever fallen victim to the cheerleader effect – don’t let it get you down – and definitely don’t let let it prevent you from ever approaching a group of ‘supposed’ hotties ever again. 

Just follow Jillians’ advise and instead, keep in mind how easily our senses can be deceived, and your chances of becoming a victim of the Cheerleader Effect will go way down


Bombchell said...

Its called a "Monet" lol after the artist. I think it was used in clueless or some movie or show.

basically rpretty from afar and messed up close.

I think MelB aka scary spice is currently pretty, it was just the hair then

Dazediva said...

@Bombchell .. a 'Monet' huh ? never heard that term either ... I want to adapt the term for so-called hot men and then use it hehehe

rustom said...

i dont think iv ever had this impression. But maybe socially yes- i see a group of people i dont know, and they all appear fascinating, but its more their bonds of acquaintance than anything especially interesting about them as individuals, tho we are all of course special in our own ways!

Dazediva said...

@rustom .. after tonight's party; I can relate to where that's coming from :) isn't special fun heheh

NatzandGraeme said...

haha, I think this effect is actually greater when it's guys in a group. Because when guys are around other guys they tend to be kind of more outgoing, funnier, and that kind of thing which makes them seem more attractive.

The Hopeful Romantic said...

LMAO! I have just found your blog - what a great post! I had never thought of it this way!!!