Life Is Too Short To Stress Yourself

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Day 19

There are some people who just seem to add stress to our lives.  Doesn’t it make you wonder ‘why’ they are even around giving you that stress ?

Life is short.  Stress increases the chances of a stroke or a heart attack.  My work as an events & wedding planner is stressful enough as it is – and the last thing I need is to worry about people causing me grief when they’re really not that important.

Over the last few months – I’ve made it a point not to let people who seem to only want to cause me aggravation – hold any significance in my life.  Some of them are people I thought to be associates / acquaintances and I realized that they have absolutely no right to impose their nonsense onto me and cause me stress for reasons beyond my control.

I've also started maintaining the same with clients.  As grateful as I am for the business that I have; there are some clients who are appallingly painful to deal with and I can literally feel my blood pressure shooting up when I have to handle them.  So now, I take a deep breath – hear them out (all the while letting a ‘wooo-saaa’ feeling take over) and just let it go … unless it’s in the interest of my business, there is no reason for me to take on any unnecessary stress.