The Storybook Life

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Have you ever felt that way ?

I remember quite vividly when I was perhaps 8 or 9, lying in the park watching the clouds and thinking ‘wow, I must be a part of one of the best books ever’.  As a child I felt that if so much could happen in my day, my week, my life and those around me; imagine what else could be going on in other peoples lives.  I used to feel like each person I met was a character in a massively intertwined book created by God.

2 decades later – I still believer that; with a few alterations to my thought process.  If my life was made into a book – it wouldn’t be as exciting as it is without highlighting all the ‘characters’ I have met during my time.  Each person I have ever come across has added some sort of value, perception, depth and meaning to my life.  Each person I have interacted with has taught me a valuable lesson (good and bad); has made me evolve more into the person I am and added to my own character.

So if you’re reading this, you are in some way a part of my story –and I want to say ‘thanks for reading’ !  (just de-lurk in the comments so I know how to find you)