Captured Memories

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Anyone who knows me – will agree that I am utterly obsessed with taking photos.  I rarely leave the house without my camera and have also been known to turn the car around halfway to a destination if the camera has been left behind for any reason.

When I arrived in London a few weeks ago, I went about clearing up some cupboards and I ended up shrieking in delight to discover that my old photo albums were still around (I had been under the impression for the last year that my brother had thrown them away when clearing out a storage space).

One of my uncles suggested that I should throw out my old photographs because it’s not as if I was looking at them everyday. I laughed at that idea. There is no way I would throw away my photos. As a kid, I would spend my pocket money on developing a 36 roll of Kodak film every week; and that doubled up as I got older.

Today, I spent the day going through these photos and it was as if the flood gates had been opened up. 

Photographs are so special.  A photo captures a moment, a feeling / emotion, and in essence preserves your memory of that moment and the preceding ones forever (or until we still have the ability to retain our memory). 

Would you throw away your old photographs ? Are you the type of person who prefers to capture your memories and preserve them or do you believe that photographs aren’t required to keep a memory in place ?

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