Rhythm of Life

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Was going through my collection of images that I liked and came across this one which I wanted to share with you all.


What do you think about this picture as a whole ? The image and the text ? It really caught my attention. I love the tribal drum; the blurry hands and hint of knee.

I haven’t written about music in a while. I’ve been keeping it to myself almost. Rhythm and beats are quite a part of my daily life. I am not OTT – I don’t even own an iPod; and my last possessed MP3 player is playing a disappearing act with me. I have close to 3464 tracks of music on my laptop which include a huge variety of English, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, French, and Spanish songs.

I can’t go about in a moving car without music. When I was younger – the only way I could fall asleep would be if I had the stereo playing something in the back ground. Nowadays - after learning the value of paying my own electricity bills – I no longer do that =(

I’m currently listening to Armin Van Buuren’s – Face to Face (Martin Roth Remix) and it’s a perfect tune for a ‘pick-me-up’ and a great way to start a Monday morning =)

The music starts of slightly loud with a back beat that’s gradually building it’s tempo … there are some very light vocals which blend into the background – and you can still feel that pulsing beat building up … It’s continuous rhythmic flow is almost hypnotising – you could almost forget the additional beats on the track … and that’s just the beginning !

The beats are uplifting, and have a melodic flow through out. Even if you aren’t a house or funky house listening – I’m sure you’d be able to hear this track out at least once. The electric piano comes in around 2:44, leaving behind its single solitary notes, echoing throughout - there is a slow momentous build up – it flows directly into you with every breath inhaled … Close your eyes, and just feel the music, let the beats vibrate through your body, let it reach your soul … Did you just feel the pull against your heart ? Let your blood dance through your veins in tune with the rhythms behind this track … Feel the finale of the track wash through your entire body – leaving behind a tingling sensation ?


Unknown said...

thats paul van dyks 'nothing but you'

i suggest you get the berlin mix... as i said, its a rush!

Poseidon Monacular said...

Nice song. I generally fall under the "not really into house music" category, but you were right, I got through it and actually enjoyed it.

I haven't had time to go through every entry I've missed in the past month, but I liked the previous post about your upbringing. I was lucky to spend about a year of my childhood in London, but other than that, I've got nothing on you. They must have been quite the experiences.

I like your new layout as well!