Waves & Wind

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The waves come close

kissing rocky shorelines

Soothing sounds of water

echoing all around


The whispering breeze

titillates your senses

until you surrender yourself

to their magical words


Like a breath of fresh air

caressing your skin

playing with your hair

stroking your face


Inhale the fragrance

of the salty waters

and allow yourself to be

lifted by the breeze


Inhale. Experience. Enjoy


Poseidon Monacular said...

That almost made me cry. I used to engage in the activities you described on a daily basis, and I loved every second of it. Now, being 2,000 miles away from any saltwater, it's kind of hard to do.

Unknown said...

it was fantabulous.. well worded very poetic and has a warm and fuzzy feel to it... 10/10

Dazediva said...

@ Deft Digits ... make a plan to hit the salt waters soon, I know I need to do that (At least where I can have a dip in the water)

@ Sai .. aww thanx you make me warm & fuzzy too xx