Blog Face Lift

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Yippeeeeee !!!

I’ve finally managed to change the layout and background of my blog =)

It’s taken me almost forever – well it feels like that ! – to find a background that I really liked and wanted to use for my page.

I always thought I could get a nice background with some water reflections … or maybe even a setting moon .. I actually found some wicked photographs across at some of the neighbours in Blogsville over at Kinobile Avenue.

moon light setting moon

I really loved these two photographs and had to download them for myself … I just haven’t learned to create my own backgrounds as yet to get this up and running for my own page. One of these days I’ll learn .. worst case scenario – I have friends who do web design – I’m sure I can pull in a favour or two LOL

Since I’m so excited about my new background – would love to know your thoughts on it – and if you think any changes need to be made.


SleightGirl said...

Very cool! Great background!

Anonymous said...

Got to your blog thru Linkreferal and liked your theme.
Wow a very beautiful background actually its looking amazing. really cool.

Steve said...

The new background gets my vote!

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

It spectacular. I love the huge moon and your header is lovely. I know about trying out new backgrounds, I do it perpetually.