Morning Mumbles

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Good Morning Blogsville !

It’s 09:23 in Mumbai, India on a Friday morning, and I’m sitting in bed, typing away.

I couldn’t sleep very much last night – surprising as I had a really long day, and have been avoiding a splitting migraine for the past 2 days.  Not to mention that I’m working on an event today as well.  Reporting in at 12:30 – so I’ve got time.  And I can already feel the beginnings of a migraine.

Ate something – but so far, it’s not helping.  Might just put some Tiger Oil or Roll-On which is made with Eucalyptus oil – my life savers when I can’t find a pain killer for the migraines.

I took a leisurely stroll through the neighbourhood yesterday, and found myself fascinated by some of what I came across.

A little while into my stroll, I bumped into a new face who looked like he was moving into the neighbourhood Mr J Patel, and it was over by Simply Ridiculous cafe that I overhead him discussing Why Evolution & Natural Selection Don’t Make Sense …

On the way back home, I literally Found Shit !!  A really cool site with some funky images with cheeky tag-lines !  Some can get the creative juices flowing.  I’m just going to point out a pic or two that caught my attention.

I’ll Need  A Paper Clip


Croissant Kitty


Lifebouy Soap Ad : ‘You Eat What You Touch’

There’s quite a bit more that I came across but haven’t had the chance to be able to put it all across ! It’s already 11:36 a.m now – I’ve been surfing online trying to hunt back all the great spots I found last night – but was too sleepy to bookmark all.

I have to rush to work now – so will let you know how the awards go this evening !


* મારી રચના * said...

Good Afternoon... :) cute image of
Croissant Kitty.. voted for ur blog.

Sumit said...

Nice blog that... 'simply ridiculous' :D

Thanks for sharing it, and I like the new look of your blog too. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning about my post on evolution. :)

Anonymous said...

aww adorable croissant kitty! =] I hope your migraines go away. i had a horrible one the other day and i couldn't even stand the sound of my own voice!