Relapse of the F-Word !!

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I can’t believe I got the damn FLU ….. AGAIN !!! This is the 2nd time in a space of less than a month. 

When I last mentioned my nasty flu it was on 29th April … I suppose I even know the reasons behind how I got ill the first time around … but this relapse is just not called for .. it’s plain unfair !!

I haven’t been to work since Monday – I’m going crazy at home just suffering from my symptoms.  How on earth am I supposed to function if my body temperature see-saws between 100°-102°F ??

My FaceBook status updates have included :

18th May : had to succumb to the doctors' needle today ... I hate being sick ... makes my brain fuzzy and efficiency levels low =(

flu woman19th May :  really can't think much with 102 fever; a nasty cough; super blocked nose; hot & cold flushes; antibiotics galore ... I just want the damn pain to go away !!!

20th May :  2 injections today; 5 different antibiotics for the next few days; aches & pains all over my body; the inability to eat or drink anything; and a complete relapse of the damn viral throat infection ..... could there be anything else wrong with me ??? ... AND it started raining today !!! =(


I just don’t understand it !!  As you can see – I’ve gotten from bad to worse – with no signs of improvement.   I haven’t been able to eat anything for the last few days – nothing is staying in my stomach.  Not even liquids.  I must have had my face down the toilet bowl at least 25 odd times in the past 48 hours.  Did I mention I had a blood test yesterday where they took out about 2.5 vials of blood ??


I did manage to get some sleep last night though.  Very hot & bothered sleep – but it was sleep nonetheless.  I needed it.  The classic bit is that on Monday night – I took a sleeping tablet that normally would knock one out for about 10-12 hours …. but did that work for me ?? Noooooooo ! I woke up within 2 hours – and then was left with a pounding migraine for another 3 hours – and yes I was back on my  bathroom floor shuffling between the toilet bowl and the wash-basin.


So here I am now – 2 vaccines down for the day; had 3 of my 5 antibiotics (will wait till I am about to pass out before taking the other 2); and a strained neck; a hot water back behind my back rested up against a pillow … trying to call out to my neighbours because my throat obviously has no energy …. flushot-noflu

Please go get a Flu shot if you haven’t already done so .. there’s a nasty virus in the air and really – I don’t want any one of you to feel even 0.05% as miserable as I am feeling !!


Sumit said...

Get well soon, re! :(

All I can do is imagine what you must be going through and it doesn't sound nice at all.

Take care!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Damn! That would explain your glowing review of my blog! You were heavily medicated. Darn, darn!

19th May : really can't think much with 102 fever; a nasty cough; super blocked nose; hot & cold flushes; antibiotics galore ... I just want the damn pain to go away !!!Just reading that make my sick,... please, please, I can't have that... Cause being sick would mean I can't have wine,.. and that is just not on!

Hope you would feel well soon,... and please don't decide to review my blog again once you are done with the meds, please?