Medicine That Makes You Fly !

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I couldn’t help but mention this .. it brought back a jolt of memories .. a blast from the past …

I went to university in Montreal; and I quite recently also discovered Red Bull before leaving Dubai; and one fine day.. I think it was around the time of semester exams that I felt that I need a boost of energy and a Red Bull would suffice.

We’d been studying quite late into the night; our nerves were on tethers; we couldn’t remember the last meal we’d eaten; and there were no munchies left to provide any brain food ! Since we technically couldn’t eat in the library

My friends and I must have gone to every 24 hour shop within a 3 block radius and finally hit the jackpot when one of the shop attendants’ claimed to have just received a stock of Red Bull. He disappears into the back of the shop, and comes out carrying – get this - an almost medicinal looking bottles (think cough syrup) bearing the label Red Bull !!

thai redbull I haven’t seen this bottle any where else other than in Montreal – and after a while I couldn’t seem to find it anymore. The taste of the drink was almost like the Red Bull as we know it – however it seemed somehow sweeter – in a cough syrup kind of way !!

And it most definitely had us friends wide awake and cracking away at our books till the wee hours of dawn ! Medicinal bottle will make you fly !!

Last night as I was passing by my neighbours in Blogsville – I came across a new neighbour (but I seemed to have lost the address for now); who had been talking about various Communities; and in the Thai community – he’d come across the Thai Red Bull =) and that’s how this post came about .. Once I come across the address again, I shall give you all directions.


Carol said...

Red Bull, I tried it and guess what, it not only worked it worked so go, I got my designing done but was than too tired the next day from my activity under red bull, use it wisely.

When Pigs Fly said...

I stick to coffee. Red Bull scares me. It looks pretty toxic.
Thanks for the kind comment on my site. So glad you enjoyed the post. Stop back again!

Dazediva said...

Carol .. would you believe me if I told you I can keep drinking Red Bull and then go to bed like a lil' baby heheh Honest ! Although I mix my RB with Vodka LOL

Snowbound - RB is not scary - honest. I think its all psychological :P

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Ashish Sukhadeve said...

Hi,Liked your blog a lot. Keep writing.