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Over the past few weeks I have come across some websites which support good causes – primarily addressing the Hunger issues faced by many people across the globe.

Whilst browsing online today – I came across an Univited Writer who I think would be a great addition to our amazing neighbourhood in Bloggerville; and she is also a Cyber Supporter for Good Causes.

What is a Cyber Supporter and how do you join the club is probably what you are thinking right about now …. I am aware that not all of us have the free time or funds to continuously support good causes such as ‘Feed a Hungry Child’; ‘Adopt a Dolphin’; or even donate clothes … but all of us have access to Internet (otherwise we wouldn’t be out here in Bloggerville), and all of us have the ability to point our mouse on a ‘CLICK’ button.

Here are some great websites that you can visit and show your support for humanity, animals and the rain forests too – all with the simple click or tap of your finger.

Free Rice is not only a website that supports a good cause – it also helps us improve our general knowledge skills with multiple choice game broken into various subject areas. As with Uninvited Writer, I also enjoy the Vocabulary game and have reached level 30 and have been able to donate (today) 500 grains of rice to feed the hungry.

I have added various banners to my blog page to show my support of these causes, which include :

  • The Hunger Site where every click gives 1.1 cups of food to feed the hungry;
  • The Breast Cancer Site site which allows women to avail of a Free Mammogram;
  • The Rainforest Site which aids in protecting endangered habitats – so a must visit for any nature lovers out there;
  • The Animal Rescue Site where every click counts towards giving free food and care for animals that have been abused or abandoned;
  • The Child Health Site where your click allows sponsors to provide free health care for those children in need; and
  • The Literacy Site which provides free books for children so that they can learn to read and write just like you and me – a click from us and we can help a child attain literacy.

As my fellow neighbours in Bloggerville– I’m sure you understand the value of what we could achieve if we all showed support – together – for such good causes. Granted – it won’t necessarily make an immediate impact but if you also spread the word, somewhere out there a child, a woman, an animal and perhaps even endangered species will be sending us blessings for our support.

Have you shown your Cyber Support today ??


Sumit said...

I've been a sporadic visitor to Freerice, but thanks for sharing the other links. :)

I hope your health is absolutely fine now.

P.S. Welcome, Uninvited Writer.

Poseidon Monacular said...

Philanthropic pursuits are great, no doubt about it. But based on some of my experiences, it is unfortunately just as important to do a bit of research on the organization you donate to. There are a lot of cold-blooded people who start up causes like these to do nothing more than line their own pockets.

I guess a good place to start if you want to look into a charity's background is:

I'm sure there are others, but I can't recall them off hand.

Chicky said...

New abt 'FreeRice'... the other links are all new! Thanks for sharing.

Btw, the video in the previous post was really cool! Very creative!

And poems go over my head! :-p

Chicky said...

Oops! Typo!
But then u already knew that, didn't u? :p