The Ageless Struggle

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Of all the battles fought

And wars waged for ages

Mankind’s immortal struggle

To win , never manages

This is the struggle

Of the head and heart

The former a genius

Latter.. inspiration of art

When heart is overpowering

It keeps thinking at bay

But what a feeling it is

To be thus swept away!!!

During all the struggles

That head cant comprehend

The hear t gives you hope

“Don’t give up.. fight to the end”

Many a time do we

Seek someone with our heart

But the head plays spoilsport

And keeps the twain apart

Or a long term relation

That time hath taken its toll

We still drag the corpse

Not listening to the soul

In times of adversity

The two do get together

One gets you out of it

The other supports till another!

Age never weakened the head

The heart only strengthened

Survived many disasters

Frequently broken.. .but always mended

But life is never simple

Confounds even the well read

The head says – listen to the heart

While the heart points to the head

This is a poem written by a friend of mine - YK - all credits to him for this beautiful piece of writing.


Carol said...

Wow, it is great. Tell your friend thanks for writing it and thanks to you for posting it.