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My friend AM had posted this link up on his FaceBook and I thought it was a pretty cool advert.   I really like the way the producer has made the advert – there’s nothing obscene about it AND doesn’t look like there is anything to hide either =)



Living in India at the moment also means being subjected to some really bad advertisements on telly – which sometimes are so pointless – it makes you wonder what the brand managers and producers were thinking when they thought of the concept of the advert !!

Considering that there are some amazing creative geniuses in this country – their talent doesn’t always come out to the public – and when it does – it’s to a very select audience.  The majority of TV adverts are made for the masses and very few are actually made for the classes. 


If a similar sort of advert was done for the Indian audiences – that would just become the next big headline and cause for scandal !! Lord only knows how many lawsuits might follow !!


I will be hunting for some examples to show you guys and will put this together for another post.


Anonymous said...

I agree about the apalling nature of local adverts in Nigeria too. Most appeal to the masses and not the classes. The movies are even worse. The sound effects are terrible. The gunshots sound like bursted paper bags.The acting is very unbelievable most times and there is always a sequel just when there's absolutely no freaking point for it! Still, Indian adverts cant be THAT bad :)

Kokonad said...

That's indeed a great ad! I love ads myself but staying in the US has been a big disappointment in terms of ads (God they suck here!) Compared to the rest of the world, Indian ads are still witty!
But I agree with you - it does take a lot of ingenuity to come up with a scandal-proof advt if you have a tag line like "We have nothing to hide" :) Remember that Indian ad about condoms that showed a couple on a bike riding through the city with copious amounts of PDA - I liked it for it was not obscene and yet delivered the message!
Btw, this website might interest you -
It's a great pass time, in my opinion!

Consider me a regular in your blog from now on! :)