Bloggers Choice Awards 2009

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I’ve been doing a lot of online lurking lately and really just losing myself into a whole other literary world out there in cyberspace.

bloggerchoiceawardsA couple of days ago – I came across this website, Bloggers Choice Awards which quite appealed to me.  I got down to thinking … so I’ve been writing for a little while now – nothing OTT; not obsessively – just whenever I get the chance … and I’ve been getting some  really good feedback and reviews via Link Referral … so I thought .. Why Not ??

After all – what have I got to lose ? I must be doing something right – I’ve got 29 neighbours who are willing to drop by and check on how things are going on my end; to gather up a bit of info from my insights into life; not to mention quite a few hundred passerby’s over a period of few months.  So really it can’t be all that bad to register myself as a Blog to consider … right ??

So can you imagine my sigh of pleasure when I noticed that my neighbour over at BusinessVartha Street had left me a note on another post and had basically voted for my blog !! I got my FIRST vote  - and it wasn’t ‘me’ voting for ‘me’ ! Woooooohoooooo !!!

Now I’m going to do some shameless self-promotion – and ask all of my neighbours – to consider voting for my blog which has been nominated for Best Humour Blog and Best Blog About Stuff.

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff! My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!


You don’t have to vote.  Only if you feel like it.   You will vote for me .. right ?  Ok.  At least pretend you voted for me then for the sake of my ego.


p.s. if you have been nominated; or have been inspired to participate – then please let me know so I can go and drop my support to you =)