Wedding Advice Anyone ?

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Nope – I’m not getting married.  Nor do I need wedding advice.  But in my highly medicated and delirious state of mind – I forgot to mention some big news that came to me the other day.

wedding planner

Last Friday as I pulled into my parking spot about a block away from work (this is another blog post altogether); I received an unexpected phone call.  In case you don’t already know; by profession I am an Events & Wedding PlannerYes – just like J-Lo in Wedding Planner – and NO – I don’t wear tight skirts that mould my ass or walk around in high heels because that is not even remotely possible if one was a ‘real’ wedding planner !


This phone call was from a company called and they have asked me to … hold your breath now .. feel the excitement in the air … and the fanfare music …  consider writing a Wedding Diary style Column for them for the online magazine !!!

How exciting is that ??  I was super chuffed that they even considered me to do this :)   Now I just have to think of superbly witty headlines for my future stories !


Poseidon Monacular said...

Congratulations! Being... well, a dude, I'm not at all familiar with such things of this nature, nor am I sure of this's interwebz status in the grand scheme of things. But you seem excited, so I'm happy for you.

And I hope you feel better soon.

Sumit said...

Awesome! Congratulations, and I hope you've gotten rid of that nasty flu bout.

Although, I must say that the title of your post was misleading. ;)

Note to myself: Remember to contact Divya, whenever some wedding plans are formed.

Anonymous said...

congrats good going :)