Smile .. it’s Saturday !

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Morning all !!


It’s 6:00 a.m. in Mumbai and I’m wide awake ….I haven’t gone to bed as yet from last night.  I’m feeling slightly better.  Can’t believe I stayed home on a Friday night … then again in the condition I’m in – what else could I do ??


NC has been hanging out with me almost every day since I’ve been unwell … we chill; catch up over random gossip; make our future business plans and tonight – we totally vegetated having my place all to ourselves.


For all the cricket lovers out there – and NC is quite the cricket fan (guys – grab this girl now – you won’t find anyone else who might tolerate sports !!) … We watched the 2nd half of the first semi-final round between The Delhi Daredevils and Deccan Chargers of the IPL T20 series taking place in South Africa.   It turned out to be quite a fast paced match which was good for me and very exciting for the crowd watching it live.   I’m not a huge cricket fan – however since the T20 is much shorter than regular cricket and this was a heated match – the highlights are so worth watching ! Especially Adam Gilchrist – wow he can bat !!!


Then we debated over which movie to watch … and I won’t even begin to tell you which one we did end up watching .. If I told you – I might never live the teasing down – so I will keep that a secret between NC and myself … but maybe if my meds kick in much later – I will let you know.


At about 2 a.m NC decides she has to go home – despite the fact that she quite literally lives 2 minutes away from my place if we had to drive; or about 2 blocks / 400 meters …. So drove her back home in my PJ’s.  For a Friday night – the roads resembled ghost town.  I wonder if something happened last night.


Came back home, and nowhere close to being tired (could’ve been the green tea that gave me some energy) – started watching the TV show Scrubs.   Now, I’m down 10 episodes in Season 3 and wishing you all a Very Good Morning !!!


Sumit said...

Good to know that you're better.

a) If you know any girls, who follow football, please do inform me. :P

b) TV shows are addicitve, aren't they? I've been watching Prison Break since morning, and ignoring my office work. :|