To Expect Or Not To Expect ?

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We all have certain expectations from those around us.  We have expectations of our friends, our families, our partners, our co-workers and we have expectations of ourselves.

When it comes to our friends and potential partners – our expectations could be the root cause of all sorts of heart ache. 


I’ve always maintained that that I don’t have ‘high expectations’ from my social circle and family.  The basics such as common courtesy, respect, and honesty – that I do expect (I think we all do – and if we don’t there’s an issue here).  All else I don’t hold expectations because I’ve discovered (sometimes the hard way) that it can lead to disappointment.

Perhaps we should all ‘expect’ to be disappointed one day by those around us.  Maybe that will somehow diminish the pain that we feel when we are let down by someone.  Or maybe we just not have any expectations at all ? Or do we just believe to expect the unexpected ?

I suppose in the end it’s about how we manage our expectations.  What are your thoughts on this ? Am I being too cynical ?