Write What You Like

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I've realized that it when it comes down to being able to participate fully in a blogging challenge - not only do you need some sort of 'theme' or thought process but your capacity to complete the challenge depends on the content of what you write (and in an ideal situation you would be blogging about topics that you actually LIKE) 

I'm pretty chuffed with myself because I've managed to put aside about 40 or so 'image quotes' that have caught my attention; and I intend to use  them through the course of the challenge.  High five to me for outlining posts up to a week in advance ! Woohooo !  If you don't already know my theme for the challenge - it's using 'image quotes' that make you stop & think. 

So my question to you fellow bloggers is ... what are you writing about during the challenge ?  Is the content similar to what you already have on your blog or is it something different ?  What do you enjoy writing ? How are you finding the challenge so far ?