Take Time To Appreciate

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When was the last time you took the time to appreciate someone who does something you take for granted ? 

I know I'm guilty of not doing it as often as I should and my only excuse is that I'll do it later or I'll let that person know tomorrow.  Life does get in the way of the smaller things you do want to do and I'm trying to find that balance to be able to take the time to appreciate everyone else around me. 

So today I'd like to pen my appreciation down.  The one person we all take for granted the most are our mothers ! Why the hell do we do that ? Every since my Dad passed away 2 months ago - I've been making it a point to compliment her or encourage her to go out with her friends and even thank her for thinking about me when she's out shopping (seriously she's too cute - she sends pictures of shoes she knows I will like and tells me where the sales are !) 

The other person I'd like to show some appreciation for is Kathy Hadley, a life coach, from the UBC FB page.  She's the host / group monitor and hats off to the lady for updating the page DAILY (and not just during the month of the challenge) and also finding the time to write her own blog posts; read & comment on other posts; and encourage others to keep blogging.  We just wander along to the UBC FB page and leave our posts around for anyone to see without thinking about the effort it takes to maintain such a page.  So cheers to you Kathy ! 

What about you ? Is there someone that you'd like to express your appreciation to ? Who does something that you take for granted ?