Take All The Chances You Get

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Have you ever found yourself wondering 'what if' ... Whenever I find myself doing that I remind myself that at that stage in my life - it was my conscious choice to follow a certain path or to make a certain decision.  It was all in my control and I chose to do whatever it was that has eventually bought me to where I am.

I believe in speaking my mind - I don't believe in holding back.  I have had some interesting adventures over the years.  I've made life altering decisions by packing up & moving from London to Bombay and shuffling my life like one would a deck of cards.  When it comes to dating or pursuing relationships; be it confessing about a crush on someone or even connecting with a stranger on a flight  - I've taken those chances just so that I'm not wondering 'what if'.    

I'm living life on my terms.  And hopefully in the process will leave no room for regret when I look back at where I am.  The next time you find yourself wondering 'what if' - just stop and if it's something you really want to do; just take baby steps towards it.  [On a serious note if you're depressed and / suicidal - please talk to someone and don't do anything you will actually regret] 

If you have a goal - strive towards it because it sure as hell isn't going to swagger over to you.  If you see someone attractive or wearing amazing clothes - just say something to them and make their day - who knows what a compliment can lead to.  

Do you regret any chances that you didn't take ? What about all the things you did that you wouldn't change if given the chance to ?