Time Determines What Matters

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Okay maybe 'wonderful' isn't the word I'd use but time does show us what really matters. 

The trouble with people (or society in general) is that we all think we have time.  But in reality we don't have a clue how much time we have.  

When someone says something to you - we tend to hold on to that in some way.  Someone told me that I would see a definite change in their attitude & behaviour towards me as a friend and two months later I do see the change - there's nothing.  It probably doesn't matter to that person - but my perspective has changed and what was important to me then is no longer the case.   In fact I've lowered my expectations altogether because I don't have the time to get annoyed or disappointed by people. 

Ever since my Dad passed away - time just seems to be of essence to me.  I have very limited free time and if I want to maximize that when I can.  As days, weeks and months pass - if you dig deep down into your heart and soul - you will now what really matters to you.  Take all the chances that you get so that you can happily say 'oh well and not what if'