Could Have, Should Have, Would Have

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Do you ever find yourself wondering 'oh I could have done XYZ' or 'I should have done ABC' ?  The thing about human nature is that it's only natural that we wonder and cross-examine the ifs, buts, whys, who and wheres in our lives .. but the problem with that is that we end up setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Have you ever found yourself trying really hard to achieve something but you end up struggling with it ? And at times, the minute you just stop and let go - things seem to fall into place ? 

I'm a self proclaimed workaholic - I like the buzz and the random stress that comes with the job of an events & wedding planner.  Having said that, I also decided that life is too short to stress oneself out and made a conscious decision to let things come and go naturally to me.  As harsh as it may sound - I apply this to people around me as well.  I know which friends I am certain of ; I know that other people are all passing by to share a lesson or two and then there are some people we need to let go off.  We must rid ourselves of fears because fear stumps our growth and crushes the potential we have deep inside.   I rather live a life stating 'oh well' than thinking 'what if'.

What are your thoughts ? How do you avoid stress ? Do you dwell on the could have / should have of things ? Or do you go with the universal flow and see where it takes you ?