Lowering Expectations

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Can we really manage our expectations of those around us ?  This is a subject that has been on my mind for a while now and I really went into it last year during the UBC where I wrote a post titled 'To Expect or Not To Expect?'

I really feel that nowadays people just don't value those around them and hence everyone has sort of let their personal expectations just fall atrociously.  

I've always believed that if you want to get something done - then you ought to do it yourself for the best results (unless of course it's something you realistically cannot do e.g carpentry work in my case).  I've also learned over the last decade or so that people will somehow disappoint you if you don't manage your expectation levels of them.  

I tend to be hard on those around me because I know without doubt that if they asked me for something - I would do it to the best of my ability with no room for complaints or disappointment; and the reason I'm hard about it is because if it was the other way around - I'm more than likely to be disappointed by the outcome.  It's not as if that person is doing wrong intentionally - it's just that somehow we've all let our standards drop. 

To make my life easier - especially when dealing with the work culture of India - I've learned to just lower my expectations to ground level.  It saves me drama and time wasted on the phone giving the other person grief for just not doing their job.  When it comes to people - as harsh as it sounds - I'm the same.  My closest friends aren't included in this because we have an understanding that has developed over 2 decades.  I have no expectation from the new people in my life to avoid being disappointed.  Every now and then it's only natural that I do have some form of expectation and then I get a reality check and I'm back on the right path. 

Maybe this outlook works for me because I'm quite realistic about what goes on around me.  Maybe it's just too cynical.  I don't know - but what I can say is that ever since I have lowered my expectations of all that goes on around me - I'm in a better place.  I'm not getting annoyed or pissed off and my personal ranting sessions have definitely reduced according to friends. 

What are your thoughts on this quote ? Can you relate or not at all ?