Age Is Nothing But A Number

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Age is but a number and should never determine what you can and cannot do.  That's what I believe.  Why should you limit yourself because society has predetermined age brackets for everything including when one should 'ideally' finish their education or get married or have children (okay so the last two are specifically targeted at women but society does this and it irritates the hell out of me)

We have one life to live and we should make the most of it.  I know people who dread their birthdays and when they hit milestones they go into a panicked frenzy.  Not me.  I love my birthday and think of ways to celebrate in a bigger way each year.  I'm technically 31 but I have the same spirit and energy levels as I did when I was a teen and in my 20's.  

When people say random things that are age related I often wonder - why do we focus on 'age' ? How does it matter ?  Indian society puts this invisible pressure on young women to marry & settle down by a certain age otherwise they won't find someone.  If they are married - then there's the pressure of having a child by a certain age or else there will be complications.  It just goes on. (Never hear this being said to men - wonder how they would react to it) 

I'm happy to be living my life just the way I want.  I'm up for trying new activities and always ready for an adventure.  I'm always going to be my Mums' daughter and to her - that means I'm a kid (regardless of my age).  The thing about life is that we think we have time but really we don't.  So if we aren't going to live our life the way we want right now - when the hell are we gonna do that ?? Leave no room for regret is all I've got to say.

Do you live your life by your age or do you let yourself live the way you want to you ? Do you ever find yourself factoring your age into decisions that you make ?