You Think You Have Time

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Fact - we don't actually know how much time we have.  And yet we just put things off for another day thinking we have time.  Why ? 

We all have a bit of a procrastinator in us.  It's only natural I suppose.  It could be about the little things or even the big things (and you need to be careful there 'cos that can cause some trouble!).  

I lost my Dad 2 months ago.  I always 'knew' someday it would come to this - but when it happened - it was like someone punched me hard in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me.  I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with him in the hospital and tell him all the things I wanted to tell him ... but at that point he wasn't capable of speech so I never really know what he had to say about what I spoke to him about.  One of the things I did tell him was that I wished I had spoken to him more over the years and not put off having a chat with him for another day.  I had time to do everything else but sit down and 'talk' to him; that's something I realize now and I regret it.  

Life is short.  You need to prioritize all the things that matter to you and go out there and live your dream life.  Do the things that matter most to you.  Speak to the people you care about.  Write that email or letter that you've been putting off.  Tell someone how you feel about them - no matter what the response is.  Go on that vacation or road trip you've always wanted to embark on.  Take control of the time that you have and ENJOY it.  Do it with passion or not at all.  Seriously, life is too short to stress yourself ! Also, if you can't find the time to fit something or someone into your life - just let it go. 

I've always lived by the above but never really 'valued' the 'time frame' I have to do all that I want to do because I took it for granted that 'there's time' for that to happen.  Until I lost my Dad.  That's when it really hit me that time flies.  I mean really flies.  We get so caught up in our day-to-day routines that we forget to feel 'alive'.  We take it for granted that we will probably live up to the age of 60 and be relatively healthy - but what good is that if you haven't actually lived ?  One must learn to listen to our hearts and take all the chances we can get so that there's no room for regret

Thoughts ? What are some of the things you've put off doing because you think you have time ?