Gotta Start Somewhere

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I thought it was only appropriate to start off the challenge with a quote that goes very well with my challenge theme which is 'Think About It'.

When it comes to participating in something like the Ultimate Blog Challenge - whilst it seems 'all good' and 'doable' when signing up for it - the trouble most people have is actually 'starting' the blogging process.

From the moment I saw this - I knew - that if I had to get out of my blogging rut; then I'd have to start somewhere.  Even if it meant getting back to regular blogging by participating in a challenge.   So for all of you out there taking part for the first time (and even those who are regulars) - we all have to start somewhere - and luckily with the UBC you have the support of thousands of other bloggers who are participating to keep encouraging you throughout the month. 

Are you following a theme for the UBC ? Don't forget to share your blog link in the comments below so I can come over for a read :) 

Happy Blogging Everyone and Good Luck with the Challenge !