Music Speaks Volumes

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I've never been one to listen to music with 'lyrics' or 'words' - and my friends tease me immensely about this.  But when I do listen to music with lyrics - I can relate to it .. and I mean really relate to it. 

Have you ever come across a piece of music of really touches you ? I mean to the core ? Leaves you with goose bumps or even slightly teary eyed ?  Have you ever felt that a song captures the exact feeling that you wish to convey or captures your emotions completely ? Please do share your favourite track so that I can have a listen too ! 

So why not put aside a few minutes today (after all it is a Monday) and just lie down & listen to good music :) I'd like to recommend Deepak Chopra feat Demi Moore - Desire ; Wolfsheim - Dream of You and Deep Dish - Can You Feel it