Forget Feelings, Remember What You Deserve

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I like this quote because it perplexes me in a way.  Based on numerous conversations with people and reading various blogs - it seems like individual self-worth is down and people don't realize that they 'deserve' the good things out there and they just need to find the path to lead them to it.  

Who doesn't want to be a laid-back billionaire with a private jet ? That's aiming pretty high but that doesn't mean one doesn't 'deserve' to go on a few holidays a year.  We all struggle with this balance of being financially stable and having the good life and sometimes it so happens that to have the good life - your finances can take a bit of a hit.  That is one of areas I find that makes me anxious BUT in the last few years I've sort of tossed it in the air and said that I deserve that luxury week long trip or the extravagant annual birthday weekend because if I don't spoil myself now in my prime years - when the hell am I going to do that ?? 

I know I can afford to do this because I have my own business and I'm my own boss; but I also have friends in corporate houses who make it a point to take a long weekend or a week off every quarter because they damn well deserve it for working their asses off all year round.  Obviously one can't go completely off the chain and pour their hard earned money down the drain; but the point is that stop worrying about the what ifs and learn to spoil yourself - you've earned it.  

On the other hand if I apply this to my personal life - it makes me sit back and think.  There are days I don't even know how I feel about relationships; it's been a while since I've been in one and I know I'm very good in one as well - but business is booming and my personal life has been sacrificed for the time being and I'm left wondering one of two things.  How is it that I haven't found myself in a relationship and then the immediate thought after that is because I deserve better than what is currently around me.  Perhaps a tad cocky - but I really think so and that's why I'm okay with where I am today.  

What are your thoughts ? How do you feel when you read this quote ?