An Insight To You Through Quotations

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I've often wondered about this (and it seems like the ideal quote for a wrap up post).  I'm the type of person who has a folder on my laptop filled with various images, quotes and even cartoon strips that have caught my fancy over the years. 

Some of the content would cause those acquainted to me to reassess their perception of who I really am.  At end of the day - we are all 'someone' on the surface but there is much more to our individual characters than what we allow the world to see.  I can be an extremely expressive person except when it comes to being 'emotional', 'mushy' or 'overly romantic'.  Don't get me wrong - I can - it's just not in my comfort zone.   Having said that, I've found a way to express myself by way of some of the lovely content available online and those few lines of expression are what I can relate to immediately.  It's as if someone else has read my mind and penned it down.  

Thanks to social media - I feel that I gain a better insight to a person when I see some of the articles, links and images that they post via Facebook or Twitter. It's those things that we no longer talk about or express in person that we do by way of social media (through images / quotes etc) that says more about an individual than words could justify.  

Think about it ... if I shared something today that appealed to you and it was something you didn't expect from me - your perception of me would be altered. Try it out within your own social network and see how many people surprise you. 

What are your thoughts ? Do you think our favourite quotations say more about us than we let on in person ? If you've been following my blog through the Ultimate Blog Challenge - have you enjoyed the quotes that I have used ? Were you able to relate to any of them ? 

p.s. If you're a lurker and came by without leaving a comment - now would be a great time to delurk and reveal yourself to me.