Diva's Ultimate Blog Challenge Theme

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The one thing I’ve learned in the last year of taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge is that unless you are a natural writer or someone who is in the habit of blogging every single day – it can get a bit difficult to find inspiration to post every day of the challenge.

And that’s where a ‘theme’ really comes in handy and can keep you motivated to blog every day.  My very first UBC was in Jan ’12 where I just blogged about random topics every day – and it did get hard towards the end of it.  I followed up this challenge by taking part in the A to Z Challenge in April ’12 where I focused on the theme ‘The A to Z of Blogging’ since each day had to be a post beginning with a letter of the alphabet. 

For this years challenge - I'm going to broadly go with the theme 'Think About It' where I'll be sharing quotes / sayings / images that have caught my attention and made me think; and hopefully will catch yours too which will in turn allow you to share your thoughts on the subject as well. 

Do you have a theme that you are following for the Ultimate Blog Challenge ? Don't forget to share your blog link in the comments so I can come visit during the course of the challenge.