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I slept a lot today.  Till 4 p.m.  I never do that ! It's all the medication I'm taking for my flu - and not it's not swine flu ! 

Went out after almost 2 weeks of being back in the city.  Didn't drink a drop of alcohol.  I'm sticking to my promise to my gym trainer - no alcohol for a month.  I think the kilos will drop quicker this way :)

I'm semi working from home today.  Just a couple of emails to be sent out.  Funny how my boss HA was out partying last night and we were both commenting on his FB status updates at 5 a.m ! No wonder I enjoy my job.  I have a great team to work with.  If it weren't for HA and AA - I think I would not have survived the last 1.5 year at my job.

I got a hair cut yesterday.  Don't you feel that a trip to the hair dresser ends up making you feel like a million bucks ?? I felt HOT yesterday =)  Got lots of compliments on my new hair-do too. 

Just ate a McD's veg burger meal with a strawberry milkshake - and the gym is closed today !!! That means I have to use the damn skipping rope !! I just can't do diets - not that I even try - but still - since I've been working out the last 3 months - am kinda feeling guilty for pigging out.  No alcohol - but ate junk food - is that allowed ??

It’s almost 6 p.m and my whole day has gone down the drain because I overslept =( Now what do I do ?? I know Sundays are meant for relaxing but really – I had wanted to do a few things today – and now I have to figure out how and when to do them … I have to buy a few new slippers – will hit the market and pick them up … then I don’t feel so bad about throwing them away after a few months .. Wish me luck on the slipper hunt !!


Unknown said...

You know ... sleep is good when you're trying to get over an illness ... we do our best healing when we sleep.

Wish our McD's had a veggie burger.

Good luck on the slipper hunt.

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R.DaLomba said...

I could never stick to a diet. I love food!

Bevie said...

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