What Kind of Dancer Are You ?

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You are a Seductive Dancer!
Look out! You are the hottest thing on the dance floor. No one can resist your charms and you’ve perfected your dancing as a means of scoring. Everybody knows that if you are a good dancer, you’ll probably bring your rhythm to the bedroom which is a huge turn on for your admirers.

I have to be shameless and completely agree with the results of this quiz !! One of my qualities where I know beyond a doubt that I am good at is dancing !!

I've mentioned before that I really like to dance - and if I have a good dance partner - then there's really nothing stopping us from creating fire on the dance floor !!! I have had the pleasure over the years to be able to dance alongside some fantastic dancers and it is because of their partnership that I have been able to pull of some of the moves that I have done !

Now it's not like I have danced with anyone famous - just some regular guys (and gals) who have rhythm flowing through their bodies; their feet just interpreting the beats behind the music; their stance making them a presence to be acknowledged !

There have been nights where I have danced without a care in the world !! My dance partner and I would be the only people on the dance floor for all that mattered and it was just about the rhythm and beats of the music and our bodies moving in sync to the magic behind melodies.

So here's a shout out to all my dance partners that have made a difference to me ... Dubai - YK, Mumbai - HRH, YK, RO, AT; London - my ladies AP, DA, VN, EG, and the lads RDS, SP; Montreal - AC, SN, CT, AD !!