Why Complicate Life ?

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Saw this on FB a few days ago and thought it was quite apt and went in line with my New Year Resolutions and #MM post ‘Just Say It’ 

complicate life

I’m the kind of person that will call / email / SMS just because I thought of someone or if something reminded me of someone.  I’ve been known to ask a lot of questions; and been told off for speaking my mind a bit too much (but hey that’s just me).

I don’t see the point in mind games (which too many people seem to enjoy playing) and if I’ve got something on my mind – I spill it out whether it be for my personal life or in business.  What’s the worst thing that could happen ? Someone might not agree with what I have to say ? Or they would be a bit taken aback by whatever it was that I said ? Or maybe they get slightly offended ?

When it comes to relationships of any sorts – friends, potential boy friend / girl friend, family – I just find that people beat around the bush too much.  I can barely tolerate it and I definitely won’t be doing that in 2012.  I call the people I want to talk to; I invite those I want to meet (in fact I just ‘tell’ them – don’t leave them a choice lol); I explain as best as I can when I need someone to understand where I’m coming from; I’m pretty damn clear about my likes and dislikes ..

Every action has a reaction – and there are always repercussions to do the things we do and say … life would be boring if there weren’t right ? 

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