MM #71 : Booty Luv – Say It

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Music-MondayIt’s the 1st #MM of 2012 and also Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I’m taking part in.

This track got my attention a few months ago and it’s sort of just stuck around.  It’s also one of the few tracks that I actually ‘listen’ to the lyrics of.  The simplicity behind them – when you take a minute to absorb it – makes you wonder how is it that more people haven’t already adopted that attitude when it comes to dating & relationships.

Over the past few years I’ve realized that when it comes to dating – or even just getting to know someone; people tend to be:

  1. overly cautious & overthink a situation / scenario. 
  2. overly eager to a point of nauseousness

just say itAnd frankly – it just makes me wonder how difficult could it possibly be to let someone know you randomly thought about them in the day or that you were crushing on them ? What’s the absolute worst thing that they could respond with ? That they don’t feel the same way or remind you that you are in the friend zone.  Maybe they have a laugh or a giggle; maybe they are a bit embarrassed or they pull a fade.  That’s about it right ?

I’ve always believed if you have something on your mind – you should just say it out loud and get it out of your system.  Otherwise one day, you might just regret it. 

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