And The Blog Challenge Comes To An End

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UBC-completed-smallI never really thought just how hard it would be to complete the Ultimate Blog ChallengeIt’s been a tough month considering I’m not a daily blogger – at one point I thought, hats off to anyone who blogs daily (and to those who actually write journals).  The only time I’ve ever blogged continuously was when I took part in the 10 Day YOU Challenge back in August 2011.

Blogging every day, or even putting together 31 posts over 31 days is not an easy task and for every day that I wasn’t able to blog or schedule a postI got pretty worked up about not being able to keep up to the challenge.

Despite putting together tips on how to stay on track for the blog challenge; I felt that I was falling behind due to a rather hectic work schedule.   To make matters worse; I realized that some of my scheduled posts didn’t get published on time which made me feel like my efforts kinda went to waste.

Regardless of the set-backs that I faced, I was determined to see that I got 31 posts up and I have – and I’m proud of completing the challenge.  I managed to learn a lot from this and discover a lot of new bloggers who are all featured in my blog challenge report.  Would I do it again …. YES !! (I know it sounds crazy but I do love me a good challenge).

What about you ? How far did you get in the challenge ? Did you complete all 31 posts ? Would you take part in something like this again ? And if you didn’t participate – do you think you would participate later in the year ? (I believe there are 3 more UBC challenges this year)