MM #72 : Erick Morillo – Live Your Life

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I couldn’t quite decide what I should feature today but this guy I recently met suggested this track and it actually couldn’t be moreMusic-Monday perfect for todays’ #MM and Day 9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge !
Sometimes you just need to let go
Don’t keep it all inside
Sometimes you just have to let the whole world know
That you are going to be alright 
I've had an absolute shitty start to the year, which is killing my birthday plans and surprisingly enough I've been pretty calm about it all. Anyone who knows me will tell you just how much of a big deal my birthday is for me. Maybe it’s because I got all my frustration out at the incompetent team at my bank or just the fact that I was able to just say it out loud to them (think phone, email, tweets) – I’m a bit less annoyed about the situation.
I get that everything happens for a reason so in lieu of my new year resolutions – I’m just gonna let this sh*t pass me by, take a deep breath and live my life the way I want to ‘cos its too short otherwise. 

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