Just A Rant .. Banks !!

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2012 has barely begun and the first few days couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start ! My bank and credit card company (both HDFC Bank) have messed up with my bank account and ended up debiting me for a hefty chunk of cash and now my finances are in a total mess.

The credit card team refuse to actually acknowledge there was a communication lapse within their own internal team and to make things worse – they refuse to provide me with evidence of a voice recording to prove their case.

Long story short.  I noticed a random amount being debited out of my account; questioned the credit card company; no response from them for 2.5 months; speak to an officer after sending a complaint; next thing I know my personal bank account has been frozen ! Then after numerous phone calls and emails – the personal account is debited for a huge sum of cash.  The credit card team claims I called them up in 2010 and asked for a ‘DAE – Dial An EMI’ facility to convert my outstanding account into a loan of sorts ! (seriously who the hell would do that and how the hell do you approve a loan on the phone without any sort of paperwork ?) .  Now the credit card team refuse to provide evidence of this so-called phone call and are just copy pasting emails to me !

How inconvenient is that ? And annoying as well ! I now have to file a legal notice to sort this issue out because it’s all a bit too suspicious and a bit up in the air from the credit card team and banks’ side.  I’ve already told them I suspect it to be fraudulent. 

Right now, I wish one of my boys were here to give me a big tight hug !! I miss them tons and hoping to see at least one of them over my birthday (which is coming up).  I get that everything happens for a reason … but for the life of me I can’t figure out what that reason could be for this particular situation ! (although it’s definitely put me off credit cards for this lifetime!)

everything happens for a reasson

Sorry about the rant folks – but HDFC bank and their credit card team have really pissed me off !! Hope that doesn’t stop you from sharing your link if you are taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge