WW #52 : Village Ambulance

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village ambulanace

Today is Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and it also happens to be a Wednesday which means its times for a #WordlessWednesday post (not that any of them are ever really wordless and the challenge states that one must have a minimum of 100 words in a post for it to count as part of the UBC).

One of my gym trainers had put this picture up on FB so I don’t really know where this was taken … but daaaaaaamnnn !  Now that makes for an interesting ambulance !! Definitely fuel saving but what happens in a real emergency ?

As a side note, it struck me whilst looking at this pic – the way the traffic is in Bombay – I’m surprised that an ambulance can actually get anywhere (no joke here) But I’ve seen bumper to bumper traffic – with no signs of an ambulance even moving a few feet at a time (the roads in Bombay are in a state of chaos all through the year)

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