To Schedule Or Not To Schedule Posts ?

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Here I am still trying to get my head around putting together 31 posts for the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I’m taking part in.  Without realizing it – I committed to a challenge bang in the middle of a very large wedding that my company AKA : A Klass Apart is handling and I’m quite worried that I won’t be able to keep up with the entire 31 posts.

Which got me thinking … would it be considered cheating if I scheduled posts for the 10 days that I would be traveling and busy with work ?  I did ask around on Twitter and no one seemed to think anything wrong of it – and really the challenge doesn’t specify that I have to post every day – it just states that somehow I must get 31 posts out there on my blog !

Since I’ve never really had a blog schedule before – I decided that I BlogSchedule02will ‘schedule’ specific posts such as my #MusicMonday; #WordlessWednesday & #SexySaturday posts since I already know what I’m going to be writing for them whilst I’ll be traveling.  That’s 3 posts out of a 7 day week which leaves me with 4 more posts to come up with (which is hard work in itself !)

I’m using the blog schedule feature on WindowsLiveWriter to schedule my posts.  Blogger & Wordpress platforms also offer this service.  At least by using the feature – I can participate in the challenge consistently and even when I’m busy – my blog will get some content on it.

What are your thoughts about scheduling posts ? Have you done that in the past ? Are you going to be scheduling any posts during the Ultimate Blog Challenge ? Have you figured out when is the best time to ‘schedule’ your posts for ?

If you are taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge – don’t forget to share your link below !